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It was so great to finally get a good quality photo of me surfing. Thanks Waveshots!



Whilst we have taken all our photos on our website in good faith, and in order to offer you the opportunity to see and purchase your photo when you may not otherwise have been able to do so, we understand some people may not wish to have their photo displayed on our website.

We do let you know wherever possible in advance when we have taken shots of you and where they will be posted. You can let us know at any time if you are uncomfortable with your photo being displayed on our website and we will remove it within 48 hours of letting us know. Please contact us with our contact page with details of which photos you wish to be removed and we will take them down.

Please note, we can only remove photos requested by the person actually in the photo. If you are not the person in the photo, we will not be able to action your request. Written notification of your request for removal is required so that we may ensure we have removed the correct photos.

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