Private session and product shoot

Private session and product shoot

This was Radek private session at Miami Beach on the Gold Coast. He is a traveling Croatian surfer who wanted some photos of a new surf product. The product is a leash guard that prevents your leash from slipping or turning around your ankle. It can help with ankle support too. 

I haven’t seen anything like it so I was keen to get some photos of Radek surfing and wearing it.

The session was in 1 – 2 ft conditions which wasn’t great, but we could still get some lifestyle shots of the product and of Radek. Again waking up before sunrise is important for light and hitting the water on sunrise or 10min before is always best.

I edit and send all the photos to clients so Radek got about 300 photos from the session. More than enough for him and the product.

Feel free to message us about a session or product you need to shoot.