Solo session at Kingscliffe NSW

Solo session at Kingscliffe NSW

This private session was perfect! I picked up Florian and we headed to Kingscliff. After a surf check we decided it was a bit small and headed to another beach. That beach was blown out so we return to the main break at Kingscliff not expecting much.

We waited for the sets and saw there was something, a couple of surfers took waves to give the waves scale and it looked good.

I prepared the camera while Florian got ready, I like to take a few shots of when we walk out, this usually offers some great lifestyle shots. We timed it perfect with the sunrise.

After 1 hour we had one decent barrel shot in the bag, so we ran back up the point as the current was strong. This time we around we didnt get any good shots and as the session was finishing after 2 hours I said to Florian “One more wave”

He made it count because it was a screamer and we go the shot.

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